Guilherme Oliveira

Guilherme de Oliveira

My name is Guilherme de Oliveira and I am a Gameplay Programmer currently taking a Master's in Game Design, with a Bachelor in Computer Science. I currently have over 5 years of experience with programming and I'm versatile in Unity/C# and Unreal 4 using C++ and Blueprints.

I am motivated by all things related to how the player interacts with the game, such as character movement and actions, how the player perceives the game, such as AI and Game Feel, as well as technical challenges, like optimization and coming up systems that are both efficient and friendly to designers!

ue4 c++ blueprints university creative direction in development
Your Human is Sick

3D Top Down Adventure game about exploring your immune system.

  • Made base functionality in C++ for designers to implement behaviors
  • Implemented animations for player character and enemies
  • Created functionality for the UI
  • Designed, pitched and created GDD for the game
  • Acting as the Creative Director for the gamer, supervising all designers and artists

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unity c# personal project html5

A weird mix of turn based and tower defense, with big inspirations from roguelikes

  • Developed a turn based system in C#
  • Designed and implemented a wave progression system
  • Created and integrated a variety of enemies
  • Added extensive polish to the game, such as particles, sound effects and screen shake

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ue4 c++ blueprints university in development
Ability System

Ability System for a proof of concept for a shooter game.

  • Created an Ability Component in C++
  • Created an Ability in C++ that can be extended and implemented in Blueprints
  • Prototyped two different abilities in Blueprints
  • Created an enemy spawner in Blueprints for playtesting

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unity c# gameplay programming ai programming university play store
Bopping Blobs

King of the Hill style game where you are always fighting to be the true king.

  • Worked making Gameplay (character movement and attack)
  • Made AI Behavior for the enemies
  • Created a simple behavior tree framework for Unity
  • Added and integrated polish, such as particle and sound effects

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unity c# internship google play store
Upside Down

Had a short internship at GILP Studio, where I worked updating and adding futures to an already existing game.

  • Updated Engine Version, Google Play Services, Firebase and AdMob
  • Added polish on the interface and improved music transition on FMOD
  • Made iOS Port (not yet published)

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unity c# personal project google play store
Fourth Dimension

Developed and released two mobile games

  • Created game studio website and identity
  • Created and released a casual game
  • Created and released an idle game

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unity c# gamejams
2D Platformers

Developed 4 different 2D platformers, 3 for GameJams, and iterated upon previous code.

  • Created 2D Character Controller using Raycasts
  • Created walljump and dash variations
  • Learned from previous projects and improved on them

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gamemaker studio 2 gml gamejams open source
GameMaker Studio 2

Developed two games in GameMaker: Studio 2 for the GameMaker Community Jam 7 and for the Heartjam in 2018.

  • Procedural Dungeon Generation
  • Top Down Melee Combat System
  • Top Down Shooter

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