Guilherme Oliveira

Guilherme de Oliveira

Gameplay Programmer

Fourth Dimension

Project Type: Solo Projects
Engine: Unity
Languages: C#

It was late 2018 when I decided to create simple mobile games and publish them under the name of my "Company": Fourth Dimension Studios - the idea was to create a name where I could release games and experience how the life of a solo game developer would be. At the time I was unsatisfied with my job and near graduation date on my Computer Science Undergraduate, so I decided to focus almost full time on this adventure to know whether or not creating games was really where my passion was (spoiler: it was, and still is)

On the following months I created these two games, a website, an asset pack, and a devlog - for some time I also maintained a twitter account, but I decided to keep only my personal account to talk about game related content. All that to try to create the most professional environment possible. Up to this day I still maintain Fourth Dimension Studios website, devlog and ocassionaly will check everything and think of new game ideas for it, most are either very simple and fun or experimental.

Space Journey

Space Journey is a simple casual game where you have to tap to help a space core to avoid obstacles, which are satellites, a secondary objective is to enjoy your journey through space! As it takes place on space I went more with a "floaty" feel, which was obtained by making movements slower, gravity weaker and using sound effects on a lower frequency.

void FixedUpdate () {
  if(m_isAlive) {
    Vector3 t_position = transform.position;
    t_position.x += m_forwardSpeed * Time.deltaTime;
    transform.position = t_position;

    if(m_jumpPressed) {
      m_jumpPressed = false;
      m_rigidBody2D.velocity = new Vector2(0, m_jumpSpeed);
  } else if(m_rigidBody2D.isKinematic == true) {
    Vector3 t_position = transform.position;
    t_position.y = (Mathf.Sin(Time.time * 0.5f));
    transform.position = t_position;
  // rotate the core
  if(m_rigidBody2D.velocity.y >= 0) {
    t_angle = Mathf.Lerp(m_rigidBody2D.transform.localEulerAngles.z, 30, m_rigidBody2D.velocity.y / 16f );
  } else {
    t_angle = Mathf.Lerp(m_rigidBody2D.transform.localEulerAngles.z, -90, - m_rigidBody2D.velocity.y / 256f );

  transform.rotation = Quaternion.Euler(0, 0, t_angle);

Pizza Clicker

Pizza Clicker is a simple idle/clicker game, the premise is that you just opened your own pizzeria and now you have to click to produce pizza! With pizza you can hire Gennaros to help you or buy ovens to help you produce even more pizzas, while you do that, there's a local newspaper telling your progress!

/* Check how much pizza was earned on down time */
System.DateTime currentDate = System.DateTime.Now;
long tempDate = System.Convert.ToInt64(t_saveState.lastSavedDate);
System.DateTime oldDate = System.DateTime.FromBinary(tempDate);
System.TimeSpan difference = currentDate.Subtract(oldDate);
double obtainedPizzas = ((difference.TotalSeconds * m_pizzaPerSec) / 20);

/*  Change Stuff based on how much pizza was earned on down time */
if(obtainedPizzas > 0f && m_pizzas >= 0) {
  m_pizzas += obtainedPizzas;
  m_pizzasOnLifetime += obtainedPizzas;

} else if(m_pizzas < 0) {
  m_pizzas = 0;
} else {

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;

public class Incrementer : MonoBehaviour {

  [Header("User Interface")]
  public Sprite sprite;
  public Sprite unknownImage;
  public Image image;
  public Text descriptionText;
  public Text priceText;
  public Text amountText;

  [Header("Incrementer Values")]
  public string incrementerName;
  public int level;
  public double cost;
  public int baseCost;
  public double pizzaPerSecond;
  public double pizzaPerClick;
  public double discoveryFactor;
  public bool isDiscovered = false;

  public void UpdateUI() {
    priceText.text = "PZ$ " + GameController.instance.BeautifyValue(this.cost);
    amountText.text = this.level.ToString();

  public void Hide() {
    this.image.sprite = this.unknownImage;
    this.descriptionText.text = "Unknown";
    this.priceText.text = "PZ$ 0";
    amountText.text = "0";

  public void Init() {
    this.image.sprite = this.sprite;
    this.descriptionText.text = this.incrementerName;
    this.cost = GameController.instance.CalculatePrice(baseCost, level);

  public void Buy() {
    if(Pizzeria.instance.Buy(cost)) {
      this.cost = GameController.instance.CalculatePrice(baseCost, level);


  // Force Buy is used on ADSManager to give the incrementer as a reward for the player
  public void ForceBuy() {
    this.cost = GameController.instance.CalculatePrice(baseCost,level);