Guilherme Oliveira

Guilherme de Oliveira

Gameplay Programmer

Twin Stick Shooter

Project Type: Class Project
Engine: Unreal
Languages: Blueprints

This Twin Stick project is a class project that I worked on January 2020, during my Master's Degree in Game Design. I was mainly responsible for doing the AI for the game, it was something I got very excited about, AI is personally something I like coding. And it would be the first time actually doing it using all the framework in Unreal, using Behavior Trees. The way the course is structured, I only worked on the project for around 40 hours during the entire month, but I'm still happy with my output and what I learned in the process.

The main thing I worked on was doing two different types of AI: A Melee and a Ranged enemy, I spent a lot of time on these two as I had to create individual blueprints, create the behaviors and balance it while playing the game, so I could adjust numbers and find a combination that made the game more interesting.

My bread and butter for this, which were things I liked a lot, were Behavior Tree Tasks and Behavior Tree Decorators, the way they are set up in Unreal make it very easy to make them reusable, so there are a lot behaviors and tasks that are shared between these two types of enemies and the boss of the games.