Guilherme Oliveira

Guilherme de Oliveira

Gameplay Programmer

GameMaker: Studio 2

Project Type: Game Jams
Engine: GameMaker: Studio 2
Languages: GML

My journey in Game Development started around 2014 with Unity, a lot of time was spent studying the technology and learning how to multiple things with it, but the so called "my first game" never came, it lacked me knowledge about the game development process, design and pretty much everything else. At the time. Years later, in 2018, I decided to try GameMaker, as I was unhappy with Unity and their not so optimal 2D tools at the time, my first two games came as Game Jam projects in Game Jam. Although this engine made me evolve a lot and learn a lot, I eventually went back to Unity because I felt the language GML was too limitant, specially when comparing to C# - and also, Unity was improving their 2D tools signficantly.

Newton's Laws of Roguelike

Newton's Laws of Roguelike was my entry for the GameMaker Community Jam 7, a game jam that lasted 48 hours, the theme was Newton's Laws of Movement. The result is a very simple game where the enemies are inspired on the Newton's Laws of Movement, but they all look the same in the dungeon!

Zombies on the Basement

Zombies on the Basement was my entry for the Heartjam, promoted by Heartbeast, where the theme was Scarcity. The result is an iteration on the previous game on this page, but focused on a shooting mechanic and character pixel art made by me!