Guilherme Oliveira

Guilherme de Oliveira

Gameplay Programmer

Upside Down

Project Type: Partnership with Gilp Studio
Engine: Unity
Languages: C#

Upside Down is a simple and casual Android game developed by GILP Studio. It features a double sided world where gravity changes its direction whether you are Up or Down, this variation provides emergent gameplay with just the jumping action. Although casual, it is quite challenging as it is difficult to time correctly all the jumps and get all the souls at the same time!

This project was developed and released in 2017, on early 2019 I was invited to join as an intern and work on some updates on this game, as the company is focused on other projects at the moment. Our team of 2 interns worked on the following tasks:

A lot of these tasks are more related to the technology stack and not to game design or game programming directly, but I got a lot of experience on these tools and all the stuff that exists around a game. A lot of times these things are taken for granted (and I'm guilty of that also) but overall they help a lot on the final experience the player has.