Nearest Neighbor filtering in OpenGL textures

Nearest Neighbor filtering in OpenGL textures

Nearest Neighbor filtering in OpenGL textures

For some context, I am developing a lightweight 2D game engine, realiti2D, as a fun experiment - And recently I decided to take the next step and start making a game on it, I feel like by doing a game I can get a better grasp on what needs to be added to the engine and I can have a better sense of workflow to decide which tools I will want to make.

But when loading a gorgeous pixel art pirate character, this is what I saw:

Linear Filter

Oh no, that’s not what I want.

I’ve seen this problem too many times in multiple different places and I know that this is a matter of using linear texture filtering when I want to use nearest neighbor filtering instead. So this raises the question: “Where do I change that?”

And this is what I found right when a new texture is loaded into the engine:


Wait! You might say, “right when a new texture is loaded?” - Why, yes, this is also something that was made clear to me during this process. The function glTexParameter* acts on the currently bound texture, so it makes sense to set these parameters as the texture is loaded.

But anyway, there is a GL_LINEAR there! That’s what I want to change, right? After some googling on OpenGL documentation, I found that the constant for nearest neighbor is GL_NEAREST.


So this is how it looks now:

Nearest Neighbor Filter


Also, shoutout to Pixel Frog for making the amazing art at the Treasure Hunters asset.

Nearest Neighbor filtering in OpenGL textures
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Nearest Neighbor filtering in OpenGL textures