the YouTube channel overhaul - may update

last month I talked about how I wanted my YouTube channel to be a “show”, and I still want that, but this month has been a big struggle as to understanding exactly what that even mean.

I had this idea of making a windows game engine based on the book Game Coding Complete, Fourth Edition. the first video was almost ready. I was feeling something was off and I was unsatisfied, but I couldn’t really point my finger on the reason why.

so I had to sit down and reflect. what would it mean to make a show out of me making an engine based on a book?

so I noticed the whole thing wasn’t going to work out, my feelings about the book are mixed, I think I just had the wrong expectations about it. it’s definitely not a “code along” book, it’s not even a book to read and make a game engine, it’s more of a reference, just like “Game Engine Architecture” by Jason Gregory.

But why would you need anything else like Game Engine Architecture by Jason Gregory when you have Game Engine Architecture by Jason Gregory?

I will keep the book around and use it just like I use Game Engine Architecture by Jason Gregory. when doing something on my engine, I often start by looking at what Jason Gregory has to say about the topic.

but anyway.

that left me in a weird position, I hadn’t posted for almost 2 weeks, and the next video was almost ready, but I had to scratch that out and start working on something else, which means the YouTube channel would have a big hole.

I decided I don’t really care?

I think I’m heading on a path that I really want to be. I like to believe I have some good video ideas, and I think I have some cool things to make and show on a video, so I think overall it’s a positive.

but that is also to say that now my channel is pretty much about my game engine and the things I make with it.

I spent almost a year slowly doing this engine and exploring a lot of learning resources, reading a lot, and when I came to myself I noticed that I had the path and the tools to just push forward and start cranking things into my engine. it won’t be perfect, a lot of things are going to be rewritten, but I am very excited about the vision I have in my mind (and on Notion) for my game engine.

the video

so all of this led me into having only one video to show for this monthly update, which I think is fine? one video a month sounds like a good goal to have since making videos is a part-part-time thing for me.

I don’t hate this video. I like and hate the green screen at the same time. But overall, the things I don’t like are mostly because I didn’t write and plan the video well enough, fully writing the videos and thinking of them as a short story and/or a short film seems to be what works best for me, that means a lot of work before even hitting the “record” button, but I like the idea of my videos being heavier on writing/storyboarding.

this video led me into this weird rabbit hole where I started making a simple shmup, but then I went on a tangent of asking myself: “How can I change the texture class into being able to create textures from code?”

and THAT tangent led me into making a pixel simulation thing using cellular automata, and with the power of being able to create a texture and say “HEY, PUT THIS COLOR ON THIS PIXEL” my mind goes to a lot of places.

I could make a rasterizer, GUEEPO DOOM!

I could make a 3D software renderer, GUEEPO 3D RENDERER!

wait, I’m already doing that, that’s my side side-project.

all of this created this weird situation where I’m sitting here now thinking about this blog post, three different projects and multiple different video scripts.

I recently just found out that the ability of creating textures from code will also come in handy when reading/rendering fonts on the engine, which is what I’m currently workin on. So at least I have that going for me.

random reflections


I’m playing Final Fantasy X (it’s very good) and I have played some Noita, mostly because of the whole pixel simulation thing.

I had some hyperfocused days on Noita and watched a bunch of videos about the tech behind it, and it’s nothing short of brilliant, I don’t really aim to make a game where every pixel is simulated (yet), but I think the tech and the knowledge are very useful and, most importantly, looks really good.

my current idea is to use these as tools to make cool particle effects and visual effects on pixel-art games, not anything gameplay-related, but it can definitely add a flair.


recently I started the process of packing my things because I will be moving! I’m leaving Florida (thank god (praying hands emoji)) and it’s an annoying process, hopefully I just throw away everything and that will make things easier.

I’ve been up in New York recently, and might have indulged too much into the act of mindlessly walking through Central Park while listening to JPEGMAFIA, whoops. With THAT being said, I love walkable cities with good public transportation. I pity the average “just one more lane” “car-as-default” ameribrain.

gaem dwsing

I usually don’t really do design but recently I asked myself: what if I did? so some ideas I had went from being a bullet list on a notes app somewhere in my cellphone into being an actual document on Notion. and suddenly I have 3 documents that I actually like and think they are a good idea? that took a turn.

who would have thought that sitting down to flesh out some ideas and asking yourself important questions would actually propel a design forward?!

in a way, the more I sit down and write these documents, more they start taking their own political form, which is funny, not even the chill fishing game can escape the fate of “now this is a political game” - is there any game that is not political? (maybe)

now I may go back to sleep and work on rendering text on my game engine.