April? You mean the Fourth Month?

WOW, this month lasted forever, dude. Is it 2023 ALREADY? As I draft this writing throughout the days of the weirdly long month of April, I notice that it gets WORST at each iteration.

I finally merged ALL of my BLOGS (I had three) so if you click on my name up there you can see all my links, as well as see all my other blog posts!

But it doesn’t matter, the purpose of this post is to talk about my monthly progress on doing YOUTUBE things, and whichever tangents might arise as a consequence of that.

the renderer video #

I made a video about adding a renderer to my 2D game engine, it was awful.

I will, at least twice per day, questions myself whether or not I should have released this video. What you see up there is the result of me having an idea and noticing way too late that it is, in fact, a bad idea. Being more specific, I noticed it was a bad idea on the editing part of the thing, which is The Last Step.

So the dilemma was: forget about this, or do something, anything, and put it out there. I opted for putting something out there. I think there is some value, and I had fun making the intro and the other bit in the middle of the video. But that’s about it.

Making a renderer is a process that is very complex and very difficult to capture in words, and I should have noticed that and never done this video.

Anyway, too late now.

the tilemaps video #

This one is actually pretty OK. I liked it. I actually want to talk less on the videos and have more interesting shots. So I have to practice getting my point across in a more concise and fluid way, sounds easier than it is, especially considering I’m bad at speaking and English is my second language.

I think sometimes I ramble and use too many words, that makes the video longer, which makes it more boring, but also makes it more confusing and harder to get the point, so it’s a lose-lose situation.

But anyway, this video is a huge step towards the format I actually want to use in these videos. And I think the next one will be another huge step towards it. I thought it would be ready for this update, but it isn’t, what a shame.

Which leads me to the this next topic!

the future of the YouTube channel #

I have really been thinking a lot about WHAT my YouTube channel is, WHAT I want to show, HOW I want to show, and most importantly, WHY?

I’m currently setting on the idea that my YouTube channel should be, in fact, a “show”, you know, like Seinfield or something like that, except that I’m not a comedian, nor funny, nor know how to write. I’m not a film director either, I’m just some dude so there’s definitely a struggle going on here on how to make things interesting and relevant.

But I don’t think I’m an empty bottle of content.

Obviously, it’s all a huge learning process, my YouTube videos are cringe, and I’m not afraid of being made fun of, I’m learning, and hopefully I learn something while making videos, hopefully I get better at it, and hopefully in the future they are ok enough so that a considerable amount of people watch it, learn something with it, and have fun.

I like to believe that I’m an OK Programmer, I learned a lot and I like to think I have, actually, a good grasp on the process of making something through the means of furiously typing in turing-complete languages on a text editor, and giving it to a compiler that will spit an .exe file. And I hope that by portraying the process, and through some creativity and filmmaking tricks I can show people how going through the process is and how it feels, and then hopefully people will learn something with it.

All that is to say that, I want to be entertaining, but I also want the viewer to leave the videos with new knowledge. And I don’t mean “this is how you write lines of code in C++” knowledge, I mean “so this is how a week long process of adding a feature in a game engine looks like and its ups and downs” knowledge.

But anyway, every show has seasons. And I have been thinking how the YouTube channel can have multiple seasons. I am really liking the idea of making devlogs, and I want to see how it will turn out.

The Current Season would be making this game engine in DirectX, I’m calling it gueepoDX.

And I actually already have a list for possible future seasons. I could learn 6502 Assembly, make a game for the Game Boy Advance, make a 3D renderer, make a game On My Own Engine, making a small game framework in C# or Rust, there’s a lot of options!

Anyway, I’m just speculating and speaking my mind here, I don’t even know what’s going to happen.

making game engines is the real shit

life stuff #

social media I deleted Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, YouTube Studio, Netflix, Skillshare, and Udemy from my cellphone. Next step is using less of Twitter, and Instagram on The Computer.

UPDATE: I downloaded Tweetbot for iOS and stopped using Twitter on The Computer. It’s better this way.

I wasn’t really feeling depressed or like social media was taking a good chunk of my oh precious time, but I do feel a lot better anyways, turns out life is better when we are not frying our brains?

It also helps me to be more mindful of time, so it’s good, it’s been great, actually.



My goal is to read 12 books in the year of Twenty Twenty Two, this means that by the end of April I had to have read 4 books, I’m well beyond that. But I feel like I want to ramp up, reading is good, actually. Who would have thought?!

This month I finished reading “A People’s Guide to Capitalism”, and now I’m reading Neuromancer, which I’m like 60% through it.

My next 4 books on my reading list are Sci-Fi so that’s going to be a wild ride. But today I was searching some books and I found interesting books about math and philosophy. Whatever I read next, it’s for sure going to be a wild ride.

bideo games

I got a Steam Deck!

a steam deck playing hades

Now I can play my two monthly hours of videogames on the go! With that, I pretty much deleted all games I have on my computer, except Final Fantasy XIV and Hearthstone (that I barely play but my younger self won’t let me delete because what if I want to go back to it?!).

I’m also coming to terms with the idea that I don’t really like videogames. That’s probably a stronger reason for why I’m deleting them from my computer.

In theory I love it, I like the idea of an interactive, visual, and auditory media, everything is there, put in a good story, dramatic music, some nice graphics and give the person interacting with the thing some agency, sounds METAL, what there isn’t to like about it?

Although in theory I love videogames, in practice… Not So Much? Every now and then I will get really into a game, like when I played Final Fantasy VIII last year and now I’m going through Final Fantasy X with the same feeling of marvel.

If I were to pinpoint reasons why I don’t like videogames that much in practice, it would be a 5000 words essay about Culture and Capitalism (C&C), let’s not do that.

As a side note, why even improve game graphics when videogame graphics peaked here??


and here??