Midnight Journey

I always had this idea of developing a game all by myself, programming, art and sound. Not only that, with this idea I wanted to blog or vlog about it, this year I decided that I would start this project of mine and until the writing of this page, I have a small alpha of how I want the game to be, I will provide a small story on how things went so far. At this present moment I am writing a game design document for this game so I can better think through it and make better decisions

Zelda Souls

First Post - Zelda Souls? (2017/01/24)

This was the first post on my blog where I talk about this idea, at first I was calling the game "Zelda Souls" because I wanted a mixed feeling of Souls Games and Zelda Games, but in fact, after some time I realized that Souls' Games (Dark Souls, Bloodborne, ...) are "Zelda Souls" and Zelda is also "Zelda Souls"... at least I think this way.

Then I talked about some insights of what I wanted, what I was going to do and technologies, nothing special.

Second Post - Titans Souls Impressions (2016/02/07)

After some time I saw this game, Titan Souls and it was really an inspiration to me, click on the link above to see an analysis that I've made of the game.

Third Post - Zelda Souls Mechanics and Minibum Viable Product (2017/02/08)

This is the post where I talk about some of the first mechanics I wanted and describe the minimum viable product for this, basically a battle system similar to Zelda, yay.

Fourth Post - Assets Development (2017/03/06)

In this one I describe some of the assets that I have to develop in Unity for my game

Fifth Post - Inverted Pyramid in Game Dev (2017/03/29)

Here I talk about something called "Inverted Pyramid", I've seen it in a Brazilian blog and I really liked the idea, it talks about how to break your game into pieces where every piece is a finished and complete game, so you start with the smaller piece and start iterating over it.

Sixth Post - Monthly Update and First Results (2017/04/02)

This is where I started to get my first results on actually doing something. I even tried to record a small video of me explaining what I did, anyway, in this post I talk about the first prototype of Zelda Souls, that is the Battle System. You can see the video below:

On the post I also talk about the next steps I should take. and on this one I talk more about some decisions I've made for the game

Midnight Journey, not Zelda Souls

My University had some kind of a "Showcase" of student's projects, it was announced and I thought it was a good opportunity to show this game I was doing. I also decided to name it "Midnight Journey", no more Zelda Souls!

Here is where I talk about this first demonstration, how I want it to be and talk about some other random stuff. And here is where I talk about what assets I will need to develop for this first demonstration

Seventh Post - Monthly Update (2017/05/14)

This post is where I show how the Alpha Version of Midnight Journey is, you can watch it below:

The result was way less than what I really wanted to do, but giving the deadline and everything else that is what I was capable of doing, I'm really proud of that, and then... I talk about what to do next, some thoughts and these stuff that I've been talking about since January

As you can see, I had the Midnight Journey Alpha with my programming and my art! It is really cool, there is also an intro music that I composed, based on others famous one... I didn't have the time to compose a background music for the game itself, anyway, you can listen the Prelude music below:

Eighth Post - Monthly Update and Midnight Journey Nowadays

On the post I do some basic math and get to the conclusion that I won't have the time do to everyting that I want to do for this game, so, from now on I will write a game design document of what exactly I want it to be and then I wil do some thinking of what to do with Midnight Journey

So that's what I am doing at this present moment, writing the Game Design Document for Midnight Journey and also working on small game ideas and old ideas prototypes! Midnight Journey is a too complicated for me right now, but I am totally able to write the Game Design Document and then simplify it or make a better strategy on how to achieve the game I want to make.

You can see what I am doing on my blog, I post at least once a month, usually I post more than that. You can always reach me on twitter or by email, they are available on my website!

Hope you enjoyed the idea and what I have on this game!