Inverse Kinomatics

If you want complete information on this, see my monthly update of when I did this.

For short, Inverse Kinomatics is a 2.5D "game" that served me as a learning experience. I always had this project of doing something similar to this where I would work with Inverse Kinematics in Unity and mess up a little bit with shaders.

All the programming and 3D Models are my own. Rigging and Animations are from Mixamo.

Before doing this I thought doing it were going to be pretty straightforward, but I was wrong. Pushing, Pulling and Climbing Animations are something really hard to get done correctly and this is what went most wrong in this project. As you can see in the video, climbing terrain is done pretty much by teleporting the character at the end of the animation.

As a positive side, doing it I learned that Inverse Kinematics on Unity 3D is way easier than I thought it would be, and also I could see that with hard work and a little bit of experimentation I could do a custom shader to achieve a somehow unique aesthetic.

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