One Page Analysis - Celeste

One Page Analysis - Celeste

2018, Sep 05    

Why One Page Analysis? Practicing with constraints is a great to improve faster on basically any form of art, you will see people doing it on drawing, music, writing, etc… Having to write a critical analysis of something under a page is a great exercise to improve and for finishing things. Keep in mind this constraint while reading it, not everything would fit in the text and a lot of information probably had to be cut or overly simplified.

This post was originally written inteded for a PDF format and I’m just rewriting it on this blog. For a better reading experience you can download the pdf.


Celeste Cover


Celeste is a platformer game with a simple premise: Help Madeline climb the Celeste Mountain.

It was made originally by Matt Thorson and Noel Berry for PICO-8. It was then expanded and joined by Brazilian artists from Stdio MiniBoss and composer Lena Raine.


Celeste Cover

Celeste features three core mechanics: jump, dash and climb.

Although relying on classical game mechanics, it offers a great deal of complexity and fresh interactions through the Level Design.

Each one of the 7 chapters introduces new obstacles and hazards. Always giving you space to learn and explore the new additions.

Platformers are one of the common pitfalls for Indie Developers, but Celeste gets the feel right, achieved by standing on the shoulders of Towerfall, developers’ previous game which features some similar interactions.

Story and Soundtrack

Celeste is way more than what it seems at first glance. It does a great job portaying depression and anxiety in a way only the video game media can do through its story, soundtrack and gameplay.

Final Thoughts

Celeste is indeed an unique game and a good demonstration of what this media can achieve.